Study Suggests Hormone Therapy – Dementia Link

According to research at Stanford and UCLA, there appears to be a link between hormone therapy and dementia. A specific type of hormone therapy may protect areas of the brain responsible for memories in women at risk of developing dementia.

The study included 45 postmenopausal women who had all been using hormone therapy for roughly 10 years. Some of the women were taking estradiol, which is a dominant sex hormone in women and other women in the study had been taking Premarin, which contains a mix of estradiol and many other substances. The women were then divided into two groups randomly, one group stopped hormone therapy for 2 years, and the other group continued for two years.

After the two years,  the researchers did brain scans looking at metabolic activity on all the women and compared these scans to the scans performed at the beginning of the study. Looking at metabolic activity would show whether or not there was any deterioration of brains in women during that period of time.

The women who continued hormone therapy using estradiol seemed to be protected, while the others who stopped all treatment, or were taking the other hormones, showed declines. For more information click here


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