If You are Feeling Tired All The Time, It Could Mean You Need Hormone Therapy

Aging is an interesting thing. Your body changes so much over your lifespan. Your younger years are usually your healthiest, when you feel the most energenic, strong and carefree. As you age, you lose some these feeling. In some, the loss of energy can occur earlier than in others. What causes this? Well for 30 year old men and women, feeling tired all the time can be a indicator of hormone imbalance or difficiency. You may have seen the TV commercials “Is it low-T”? Well if you’re a 30+ year old, and you’re feeling less energy than you used to, or just tired more than usual, this commercial was directed toward you. You could have low testosterone, which is what “Low-T” means. If you’re feeling less energy, more tired than usual and it’s over a period of time, you should see a doctor. There’s a great doctor’s office that provides hormone therapy in Miami, they have an awesome spa there, too. They can test you for hormonal imbalance and if it’s determine that you can benefit from hormone replacement therapy, they can discuss your options and help you decide if it’s a good fit for you. Hormone replacement therapy isn’t going to be the answer for everyone, but for those who are suffering from hormone imbalance, HRT is a life-changer. Feeling young again is worth it, too.